Aegis Business Credit

Business Funding on your way to the top.

Why Aegis?

Unlike other business credit companies out there, we actually want you to succeed and outgrow the use of our services. Only after guiding you to the top of “The Pyramid of Funding” can we say we did our job correctly. At Aegis, we’re your business funding partner, every step of the way.


The Pyramid of Funding

Properly funding your business may seem straight forward, but when you get right down to the details, it can be difficult,
confusing, and overwhelming. Enter Aegis Business Credit! We’ll be your financial Sherpa, guiding you through the middle tiers of business financing to the top of the Pyramid!



Banker or Referral Partners

Federal Contractors

Aegis Business Credit funds businesses outside the traditional bank
financing model. We are unique in the marketplace for two reasons!

1) Our mission and commitment is to aid our clients in their climb up the Pyramid of Funding to the cheapest form of financing at the Bank.

2) We offer Asset-Based Lending, Factoring and Purchase Order Financing services.
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Bankers, Brokers and Consultants can be assured that we aim to help clients to qualify for bank credit as quickly as possible.

We are the only Funding Organization with this policy, and we offer all 3 products (Asset-Based Lending, Factoring, and Purchase Order Financing), allowing the transition to bank financing to happen effectively and in a timely fashion.
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Contracts cost money to execute. We understand that, and so we specialize in funding Federal Contractors. Once you have been awarded a contract, the next step is to find the funding. That is where we can help you!

Our 3 Financing Products: Asset-Based Lending, Factoring and Purchase Order Financing will ensure that you have all the weapons in your arsenal you need to complete the transaction.
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